Catering Services

We provide a range of catering services to the valley ranging from:

  • Corporate events.
  • Backyard throwdowns
  • Fundraisers
  • Pop ups for restaurants and bars
  • Farmers markets
  • Festivals
  • Weddings
  • HOW CATERING WORKS:I charge a set fee and you pay my wholesale pricing for the food and whatever we agree to put in the pot. Anything from live crawfish, lobsters, crab, shrimp, whole snapper, redfish, the list goes on. There is no charge per person. Which guarantees a cost effective way to have an event. Its all disposable no clean up. I will come with my food trailer and tent for the event as well. Roaring Cajun Does not provide alcohol although, I work with local bars that can provide these services if needed.


USED FOR: schools , organizations, sports teams, communities , and families in need .


The Roaring Cajun fundraiser is set up a lot like any fundraiser. The difference is nor staff or kids have to handle the product. There will be 2 pick up days at the school where I will bring my frozen food trailer and distribute purchased orders. These days will be on the order form for the customer to decide what day to come on . 

First step would be discussing what frozen  6  items people will be able to choose from. ( I make  over 18 items to choose from.) gumbos, chowders, etouffee, jambalaya, chilis, lobster bisque, crab cakes, etc…

Order forms and menus will be given out with a menu of ingredients.

I sell to the school for $12.75 per quart  and the school sells for around 20$ per quart. You can sell for how ever much you would like for your customer base and needs .( I typically sell and deliver 18$ quarts.) It helps to give price breaks at larger purchases which can be discussed.

At the end of the sales period copies of order forms are turned in to me and quart counts. I will then cook for a week, freeze, then come to town for pick up and distribution.  

This has proven to be a very successful fund raiser. References are available from other schools and organizations if needed.

BE YOUR OWN CATERER WITH ROARING CAJUN PRODUCTS: ( $$$ no more paying high prices for a caterer or private chef $$$)

The convenience of my frozen product has a lot of additional uses other then just enjoying around the table. I have many clients who use my product to entertain their own guests. It’s a no fuss no hassle way to entertain. We can discuss witch products will best suit your guests needs and quantities . I will bring you the frozen product days before so you are at ease. All you have to do is heat , make rice , serve, and enjoy your party with out the stress of entertaining.


  • Cream based products you can always throw over pasta as well.
  • Tomato based products are great in the morning with eggs and tortillas, such as jambalaya, creoles, and red beans and rice. Jambalaya is also great over pasta.
  • Crab cakes can be turned into crab cake sandwiches or crab cake blt’s as well, with the remoulade sauce provided .
  • Green chili can be put on just about anything for breakfast. I eat mine with tortillas and poached eggs
  • Great for camping, long trips, rv’s , campers, just about anything Colorado offers.


SOUPS AND STEWS: Thaw. Bring to a simmer for 7 min .

CRAB CAKES: Thaw. Lightly sear on each side over medium heat in a non stick skillet in oil or butter till golden brown. ( I use a mix of both in a cast iron skillet) Make sure pan is warm first otherwise the crab cakes will soak up the oil. Finish in a 325 degree oven for 12 min.

RICE: Use equal parts water to rice in a small pot or rice cooker. Cook covered for about 12 min on medium high heat or until water is evaporated and rice is cooked. So by equal parts an example would be 2 cups rice and 2 cups of water. Rice is seasoned so no need to add salt.

I would like to Personally Thank You again for being a customer and the support,

Braden Gastineau , Roaring Cajun LLC 832-388-7931

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All foods are produced
in a licensed commercial kitchen